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Benefits of Journaling to Heal

Explore experiences to nurture understanding of authentic feelings.

Gain insight into emotions and feelings and how to express them safely.

Recognize patterns in relationships with yourself and others.

Adapt journaling concepts and methods to your experiences to promote your healing.

Integrate journaling into your life and enhance the practice with other healing resources, such as therapy, spiritual direction, psychiatry, and classes and programs designed to treat the effects of trauma and PTSD.

Mission Statement

Vision Statement

Journaling to Heal© inspires people on their path of healing from traumatic and other life experiences by harnessing the power of journaling to tap into the wisdom of their inner resources.

People use the journaling skills and tools they learn with Journaling to Heal© to integrate a consistent, effective, and sustainable journaling practice into their lives.

Billie Wade

Central Iowa writer, journaling class instructor, and writing coach.

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