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To help people live their lives at optimal levels while carefully tending my own needs.

Meet Billie

Hello! Billie Wade here, founder and director of compassion at Journaling to Heal. My favorite social event is hibernation. I am a gregarious introvert who loves people in small groups and small doses. My hats are those of a writer, journaling instructor, writing coach, and speaker. Growing up in a tumultuous home, I learned in pre-adolescence the value of journaling to help me cope with the trauma I experienced. The practice became a permanent conduit to solace and insight. Watching my hand write across the page fascinated me. Still does.

I created Journaling to Heal to support others on their path of emotional healing from traumatic and difficult experiences. Using a variety of journaling techniques, I guide people into tapping their inner resources. The power of words and internal messages enhance the ability of individuals to participate in their healing process. People learn they are precious, sacred, resilient, and stronger than they think.

I love writing, reading, and addressing mental health concerns. Unique office supplies, especially pens, notebooks and journals, and stationary have a special place in my heart. Abstract art and performance art touch me at very deep levels.

My innate abilities, education, and experience place me in a unique position to My eclectic background of innate abilities, education, and experience—professional as well as personal—equip me to effectively meet you where you are and hold you lightly. A variety of books—fiction and nonfiction—magazines, journals, and websites provide me with a well-rounded outlook on life. Participation in therapy and Twelve-Step recovery, in addition to writer’s groups, book clubs, and social groups keep offering me different ways of coexisting with others. People from diverse perspectives validate and enrich my own story. I believe in the Light within all living beings that propel people of myriad backgrounds to strive for Good in the World.

My education includes a bachelor’s degree in psychology and human services and a master’s degree in rehabilitation administration. I worked thirty-two years for a large Fortune 500 corporation. For sixteen of those years, I managed the employee welfare program in human resources administration. I engaged in relationships with people at all levels of the company worldwide, as well as with outside networks. For seven years, I worked as an Advanced Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (ACADC). I got a glimpse of the publishing business in my work as an editorial assistant for a prominent magazine company.

Want to work with me to jumpstart or enhance your journaling experience? I’d love to hear from you. Schedule an individual session with me—choose either one hour or one-half hour. You can access my calendar here…Schedule an appointment. Sessions are held on Zoom.

Have questions? Contact me at billie@journalingtoheal.com.

Contributions and Recognitions


    Where I write a monthly column titled “Self Matters” covering personal development from a whole-person perspective;

Des Moines Pastoral Counseling Center

    Where I write about race relations and formerly wrote the past three and half years about personal development and mental health;

Writings appearing on the following websites

    The Solihten Update, A Solihten Institute Publication, Continuing to Move Forward.  November 2020; distributed via email. Printed the article and provided this link to the Des Moines Pastoral Counseling Center.

Escape Into Life

    where she focuses on race relations;

The Write Practice

     where she writes about a variety of topics related to the writing life.